I  always maintained that I would never blog…. not only could I not find the time for it but I always felt that I wasn’t ready to share my life with the outside world.. Facebook should be enough! The whole world knows stuff about me including but not limited to whether I am in town or not, am at office or at home-  how I feel and what i like or dislike!


Given my selective memory – without the help of a diary how exactly does something that is important (or maybe unimportant) to me go down in my history book?

Hello world- I finally made a decision- a decision to write..

I may not be the best writer…. I may not be lucid……I tend to jump from one topic to another.. but I am going to try… concentrating on writing not only about my travels, my love for different cultures and food but also about my feelings, my perception of things within and outside of this world!!!


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