Touchdown Kenya!!

Terminal 1- Dubai International Airport- the place to be during Eid. People watchers will have a blast! Crowded airport- everyone hurrying off to visit friends and family or maybe just to get away from Dubai like the 6 of us did!

On meeting the others at the airport we proceeded to check in our bags.. Oh course we wouldn’t be given free upgrades- this was Kenya Airways!! The day before we left a journalist-traveler friend indirectly told me not to expect too much from this airline! Well I did not and was still shocked! More on that later.

We had 2 hours to kill and proceeded to The Irish Village- my all time favourite- which was full to its capacity. We then decided against standing around and grabbed beers at another place after which we boarded the aircraft… Imagine my surprise- No entertainment system- what would I do for 4.5 long hours- I cant sleep on flights….rickety old aircraft which shook while taking off! Mr. Urban Eye I was cursing you for not notifying me of the same.

2:30 am flight and we were starving.. but hello this is Kenya air not Emirates so you are obviously not going to get any food till just before you land… a round of beer and then we were expected to sleep on empty stomachs.. I wish i could review the airline on Tripadvisor I would give it 2 on 10 – An extra point only cuz of the leg space.

All discomforts were forgotten with our first glimpse of the early morning sky which was a beauty to behold!! The pictures speak for themselves.. be it the frothy clouds or the hues in the skies!!!!!!

Scary Landing…. Bumpity Bump.. was this a preview of more to come?? More on that later………….


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  1. i am watching this space for more… i like d way u write… very entertaining… watching for more


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