The first words we heard on disembarking and everywhere we went thereafter! Immigration was a breeze as we already procured visas in advance. On getting our bags, we were met by representatives from Boma Adventures- my first instinct was- They better show us a good time for the next few days or face my wrath!!! For those of you who do not know me- short temper and me go hand in hand!!

After filling up on a lovely breakfast we were on our way with our driver/guide Fred to Lake Nakuru enroute the Rift Valley…Kenya felt like we were back home in the grassy lands of Goa or Mangalore filled with farms, greenery and tiny houses… The Rift valley which runs for 6000 kms. is breathtaking and passes through various countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Israel (not in that order) and finally ends at Mozambique.

The 6 hour drive took its toll on us and all our chirpiness subsided by the time we reached the entrance to the Lake Nakuru Natural Reserve. We were surrounded by nature in all its glory! Baboons running across the road, Bucks grazing, birds chirping… The uppermost thought in my mind….. ‘Am i really living in a concrete jungle with artificial ski slopes and the largest mall in the world? Can that compare to this natural beauty?” For those of you who know me- you know my answer too…

The short drive to Sarova Lion Hill Lodge was pleasant and of course our rooms weren’t ready!  On their part the staff made a wonderful gesture of upgrading one couple amongst us who was celebrating one of their many anniversaries and no for once it was not me! After a sumptuous lunch and dropping into our rooms we were ready for our first game drive this trip!

The game drive that afternoon lasted for 3 hours and was mind blowing! We managed to view 3 out of the Big 5 (wild  buffaloes, lionesses up on a tree and a rhino too), Not to mention the beautiful flamingos which gave the lake a pink tinge, pelicans and various other species of birds and animals. Giraffes in the far distance enthralled us until dear Fred told us we would see much more of that in Mara…My love- Zebras.. an animal i have always been obsessed with.. Maybe I love the fact that they dress well in 2 of my favourite colours:).  Words just don’t do justice as pics do. So here go a couple of pics…

Tired and sated… we returned to the lodge for the evening performance of various aftrican dances- Oh but we are from Dubai- Global village has better ones and if you do intend going to Lion Hill you can skip this and rest in your room or shop at the souvenir store or even better- go get yourself a massage! They are not to expensive and come at approx. 80 AED for a foot massage!

At dinner they serenaded the couple in typical Masai tradition as well as got them cake (which we sadly couldn’t eat and had to throw away). In addition to that the guitarist strummed to a Hindi tune which was really nicely sung with an African accent. Dinner was lavish though we may have been a tad too tired to actually relish it. The long day and staying up for more than 24 hours was taking its toll on us! Need I mention… the buffet at Sarova is sumptuous and a lot of options for vegetarians.. More on this on my review on Trip Advisor!

The serenading at dinner left us in good SPIRITS and we decided to turn in for an early night after a few innocent games of cards in which I lost interest pretty quick!! A good night’s sleep was the only thing on the cards for me!! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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