Birthday Memoirs and more………

The 9th of September saw us welcoming the I-Pad as a new member of our Apple family!!

A quick post about R’s Birthday!!

I spent most of the week on returning from Kenya planning and trying to figure out what to do! The Kenya trip immediately followed by the workweek left me too exhausted to think. Sometimes you realise that angels do exist and though I may not admit it-  God has blessed me with such angels in the form of friends! One got me cake and took the trouble of actually making a delicious starter (oh now I WANT!)  the other got me dinner after a tiring day and night………..

Everyone trooped in a little after half past ten and I must say that was a godsend… we managed to catch forty winks before that! Long Islands, beer and whiskey for those who wanted- helped the night progress.. while me… oh poor me…………..

The delicious cake cut half hour after midnight left us wanting for more.. but then karaoking for a while took our minds off everything… UNTIL the boys decided that the X-box was going to lose its prime importance and was the need of the hour! HAIL KINECT!!! a good 4 hours later I fell asleep on the couch while the others boxed each other senseless…competition was at its best until the sun rose…………Makes me wonder… what happened to the parties where people danced to their heart content?? Video games taken over?????

Six am saw us struggle to stay up and we quietly headed to bed……in the hope that the next day would not pass by in a blur.. which was not to be! The M$S bag which contained the nicely wrapped I-Pad didn’t  prove to be much of a surprise– Oh the time I spent figuring out if I should even make this investment! grrrrrrrrrrr…

Waking up at noon and quiet family time later, we went out for dinner with both our folks. His folks having just returned from Canada the same day- were tired and we headed home to catch some uninterrupted sleep…

The week thereafter……….

The rest of the week saw us busy with helping them find a new apartment and move…. Finally all is settled,,, our busy weekend starting with a late dinner on Thursday, shopping Friday morning, a lovely time at one of the angels (twisted angel I shall call her) for lunch, dinner with the folks and drinks with another of R’s Birthday angels cum longtime friends ( who’s the angel though… go figure- you know that this note in parenthesis is especially for you!!) which ended only when we were kicked out of the bar left us spent and exhausted.

The effects were seen the next morning on our drive to the airport in Abu Dhabi! Oh and how can I forget- Metallica is coming to play in Abu Dhabi as part of the Yas Weekends… Not this sure would be a treat! Tickets- check:D:D

Now that the weekend was well spent… we can sit back, relax and think about another holiday — another destination… after I am done with my Kenyan posts though!! Then again who said I don’t have something up my sleeve already:p:p


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