25 Years!!!

This Day… 25 years ago… I awoke and looked around in confusion. I saw both my grandmothers- but not my Mommie! I ran around the house peeping into every room looking for my beloved mother.. To this day I remember the terror in my heart on not finding my Mom…

I finally ran to into the bathroom. In those days urban India suffered from water shortage and most people used various means to store water- I don’t think overhead water tanks were the norm then and I remember having a steel drum in the bathroom. Needless to say 3 yrs 9 month old me tried to peep into the drum to find my Mama…. My grandmothers finally told me that she was in the hospital next door. I burst into tears and wanted to go see Mom but they of course didn’t allow me to venture out on my own. Finally a few hours later thanks to my persistence, they packed a “steel dabba” (a round box made of stainless steel commonly used to store wet food items for a few hours) and let me go, see Mom and ensure that the steel dabba reached her in safe and sound.

I shall not elaborate on the sight that my four year old eyes beheld, but my prayers had been answered at around 02:42 am that morning- There in front of me was the most precious newborn I had ever laid my eyes on in my lifetime of four years. (Mum used to make me pray every night that God would give me a baby brother- How smart and manipulative I tell you:p:p!!!)… My very own plaything- my little baby brother! Yes i did treat him as my personal plaything (note I haven’t used the word toy) for a long time. Mum would never let me carry him and so when she wasn’t in the room I would happily try to carry the newborn. I still remember his mosquito net and trying to fit inside it…

Years have passed since that day 25 years ago- He has been my best friend and my strongest enemy too! We have had our fights like all siblings do! Luckily there was never any sibling rivalry! We grew up – he the saint and me the villain- sometimes I really think that he should’ve been the older brother and I the younger sister…

Now a quarter of a century later we are in different countries.. The internet and telephone have helped bridge the physical distance. Makes me wonder how people managed 25 years ago… snail mail is just not acceptable in our fast paced lives now!! The distance does not and will never matter! He was, is and always will be my little brother and I will always treat him like one…

I loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you… I thanked the Lord then and I thank him everyday for the gift of my little miracle from my Mommie’s tummy! Happy Birthday my Darling Brother-! As a quarter century of your life sets in, may you always walk in the light of the Lord and may he guide you in every step you take and protect you from all things evil!!!



  1. Beautiful Babes… loved every word of it … Madam Chronicle u ROCK !!! πŸ™‚ muahh keep them coming πŸ˜‰


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