Not a Hiatus!

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For all of you who have been wondering why I haven’t blogged for so long.. well, save for this past weekend, I cannot seriously say I have been busy- unless busy means planning surprise parties and the like! With only half the month gone past, it has already proven to be fun filled with limo rides, copious amounts of cake (some of us don’t even want to smell chocolate cake in a long time), partying, alcohol, shopping and last but not the least- new friendships! Sadly, Mr Dukan has no place in my life and our relationship has possible ended. Needless to say- I am confused.. I know he won’t be missed but at the same time he was good for me..

Next week we leave for India for my cousin’s wedding. I can’t believe 3 cousins are already married and I haven’t been for any of their weddings.. Time for me to show my face lest the family forgets I even exist. It’s almost been a year since I last went back home- the longest I have been away from Bombay. I don’t even know if it is going to feel like home anymore. The extended family is there, some friends are too.. and most of all my little niece “Princess” (Tiana- which means princess)- my cousin’s new born baby who had better await my return…

This year away from Bombay has has been an eventful year- what with US, Canada and Kenya… all i want to do is lie in bed with a good book and maybe a glass of wine. Sadly the weather change has victimized me and I know I have 12 days from now to get rid of my cough or else I’ll be sick at the wedding!

So… cold kills cold and hopefully here is to a week full of wine and ice cream and even more parties!

Yes I still have to continue my Kenyan blog.. and I promise to put it up soon- before I leave for India!

Love and Blessings going out to everyone!


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