The Final Game Drive

– The Mara at night

Well… one thing that is a must see is the ‘Night Safari’!  And being who we are, we definitely wanted to experience the said game drive. On questioning Fred after our first drive in the Mara,  we were informed that night safaris were not allowed inside the Mara reserve. Only tourists living outside the reserve could go on night safaris…albeit outside the reserve and not inside.

The next day after our return from the long five and a half hour game drive, we asked Fred to figure out a way to get out at night even though it was SUPPOSEDLY strictly banned! But hello!!! this is Kenya not Dubai- anything is possible! Having said that, a few hours later he confirmed that Yes! bribes work and a night safari along with a ranger for 70 usd a piece was a done deal!!

In light of the above, we canceled the evening game drive and slept most of the evening away! After an early dinner, a park ranger met us and he along with Fred took us on our one and only Night Safari this trip! I must say that it was an experience in itself. No, we did not see any lions or cheetahs or predators.. but the Gnu’s with their lit up red eyes, active zebras in the dead of the night, hyenas, Hippos playing about.. were a sight to behold. The pictures just cannot do justice.

Ok yes, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t see a lion or a cheetah in the night though Fred warned us about not expecting anything. But as human beings, hope lives eternal, doesn’t it? He only had to mention that the animals come and sleep by the track at night, for us to start building hopes!

But all in all, our final game drive- was a wonderful experience in the shivering cold and what better to warm us up than a hot drink once we were back in our rooms:)

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