The Last of Kenya!

Our final morning dawned… as we woke with apprehension- were we going to be late as we set out for Nairobi immediately after breakfast?? Luckily, we made it well in time and set off only to be told that the drive was going to be longer than we imagined…

Stopping en-route at a little souvenir store to shop and freshen up we headed into Nairobi and to the famous restaurant ‘Carnivore‘.

Most of you reading this already know what this restaurant is/was all about. Up until 2004 they sold game meat- However it is now banned.However there is a plethora of meat that one can choose from, as  experienced servers move from table to table serving meat with extreme finesse and grace.

On being seated we were welcomed with a glass of Dawa (meaning medicine in Hindi)- a vodka based drink with honey and lime on ice. This concoction is said to cure all simple maladies especially colds…Now that I remember, I must try this out at the earliest to get rid of this cold which has followed me all over the globe.

What took us by surprise was the vegetarian and pescetarian menu.

This restaurant is not just a haven for meat lovers but has something to suit every palette. No one will be left hungry here. And so we chose from a variety of meat including turkey, pork, ox balls (none of us dared try that), ostrich meat balls which tasted just like normal meat balls, crocodile meat which felt like chicken when you first bit into it and later left a fishy aftertaste.

As we dropped the flag signalling that we could eat no more, the waiter moved towards us with the dessert menu. Though we hardly had any space in our tummies for dessert we settled for a few bites of sinful temptation.

After a few photograph pit stops we headed to the airport where we bid farewell to Fred who seemed super happy with the bottle of Chivas we left behind!

On checking in and completing immigration we shopped for trinkets at the duty free, sat down to a few bottles of beer for the guys, coffee for the girls and a nice tall glass of lemonade for me before heading to board the much dreaded Kenya Air aircraft! Oh yes it was better and newer than the one on our previous journey but nevertheless I AM NEVER traveling Kenya air again.. So saying… we bid adieu to Kenya and our wonderfull short vacation.

I have finally completed all my posts on Kenya and boy it sure has taken more than a month! Now for a lot more to come:))  I thank you all for reading! Leave a comment and if i like it help increase my ratings:P:P


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