Prelude to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sometime early May a friend called me as I was shopping for a farewell card for a colleague in Hallmark and excitedly informed me that tickets for the F1 in Abu Dhabi were now on sale… Being who I am- I dismissed his call until he started to hound me about it. On asking Mr. R who decided he wanted to go for the F1 this year, I acceded to everyone’s requests and we decided to book our tickets.

Weirdly, the website did not support anything other than Internet Explorer. Hello… how many of you reading this post actually use Internet Explorer? I for one use firefox/ safari, so figuring out how I could even open the booking site was a big issue until the so called friend callled and booked the tickets over the phone- the 3 day Grandstand passes. I have no idea who was more excited- he (who already attended the grand prix last year) or us (who have never attended one and always thought we’d go someday in the future).

A few months later Mr. Friend enthusiastically informs me that he got our tickets in hand and only 1 parking slot! My controlled fury know no bounds and I’m sure he has no idea to this date about how mad I was… All’s well that ends well – he managed to secure extra parking tickets and we were set- except that I still did not have my tickets in hand and was in no hurry to get them either!

A month has flown past since then and the AUH Grand Prix starts tomorrow with the practice races! I have most of our tickets in hand…we didn’t go for the pit walk as I was told last night that it was not all that interesting- Most importantly we just got back to work yesterday… so going for the pit walk was a little far fetched… and since we are not going to go for the first practice we decided to let someone else enjoy it! After that it is fun, frolic and ear plugs galore… for the next 3 days- not forgetting Britney Spears, Incubus and Paul McCartney!!!

I only pray that my cough does not get the better of me! And even greater news- another friend managed to get free tickets for Incubus– now this is really something that we shall look forward to!


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