Well… I do know that this post is long overdue…It’s almost a week since we are back from Bombay but with work, the F1 and a bachelorette I just haven’t found the peace of mind to write. I’ve wanted to write about going on the trip  even before we left for India.. but October was such a busy month that let alone write- I had no time to breathe!

Well, a trip to India was planned months ago as my cousin sister was supposed to get married in Bombay- that is where we hail from and will hopefully always be home to us! She married a longtime friend of Mr. R and so it was all in the family!!

Returning to India almost after an entire year , did not prepare us for the surprises in store… Bombay had changed and so had it’s people.. Not only did we find prices of everything more expensive or at par with Dubai but the traffic and pollution had tripled… Then again.. should that really matter when you are there for 12 days?? Hell yeah!!!

Our first whiff  on steppin out of the airport felt glorious and oh so light! It was then that I momentarily felt that yes I could stay here– the thought torn to shreds when I reached home… The roads were empty, it being Diwali- the so called festival of lights which should be renamed ‘the festival of noise and pollution’, and we were home in less than 20 minutes. People on the roads were bursting crackers and the smoke got to me in less than ten minutes.There started the beginnings of my week long relationship with cough and allergy, thus diminishing my valuable time in India…

The first night a friend came and met me after which the smoke from the crackers exacerbated my cough. The next day was what I would call just an okay day… started off with seeing my little niece for the first time, traveling to see my grandmother and then lo and behold- the car refuses to start up after our short shoe shopping expedition. I must say I have no recollection of being more frustrated in Bombay than I did at that point in time.. However thanks to Mr. R’s wonderful knowledge and love for cars we got home well in time for the first function of the wedding!

The next three days flew past in a blur with the excitement of the wedding which finally culminated with the mandatory dinner (More about this in another post)! Thereafter, I was sick and of course my family doctor came to my aid.. however the aid he provided was not foolproof and I was stuck at home for a few days trying to get rid of the cough and the fever…

The lack of interesting trips away from the city was balanced out by meeting a few close friends. A touching few hours was spent in the company of a friend who helped me resolve a great many things that I have been questioning myself about the past few months.. There comes a time in your life you realise that you have to choose in life.. and choices may not  be easy but we are all overcomers and will overcome every situation not only by faith but by the Lord’s grace.. for without him we are nothing… His love for us is all that matters… I can go on and on about this- it is not philosophy but plain and simple truth-Someday maybe- I will be able to write about this and share testimonies …

The next couple of days flew past and soon it was time to bid adieu to my beloved city, my home and of course my room- every inch of it designed by me at the age of 17- To me my room is an expression of my adolescence, my likes…my love. There are a few pictures put up on my drawing board which are almost 10 years old.. they instill in me a great sense of peace and joy. I thank the Lord for giving me such luxuries then, for the opportunities to grow, for the time and energy that was spent on me… for all my books on worship, music and of course law which still occupy a prominent place in my room..

If nothing else.. this trip made me realise how much I am loved by my family and the Lord, how much I miss being in India without my brother who is an integral part of my life. My gratitude to my folks and above all my creator stands strong… (for how long I have no idea- knowing me it will last until someone decides to piss me off real bad) 😛 😛 😛


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