You are One!!!


Going back almost 2 years… a friend wanted to have a baby… and on finding out that she was pregnant all of us were overjoyed! Months flew past.. with the confusion of ‘Is it a girl.. Is it a boy??’ The doctor finally confirmed that yes you were in her belly- a little angel from God..

Your mommy looked so cute when you were inside with a perpetual glow on her face…Your baby shower was simply amazing with surprises and tears of joy…  the days and nights of not being able to smell food and of being tired, of having to be admitted cuz of sheer stupidity and even the pain of childbirth… was all forgotten with one look at you.. and your daddy– well he was simply overjoyed! Who knew that your daddy was so wonderful? It took you to help prove it!!

I was in India when you were born and got back the same day you were brought home…. I fell in love with you the minute I saw you and have been in love with you ever since! You are such an awesome baby… Yes, you are a boy and that surprises me.. I never thought I could fall in love with a boy baby! I have always been terrified of kids but you changed that…

The feeling of holding a one month old you felt awesome.. so also a two, a four month and a twelve month old you.. You grew up along with dear Jackie… your parents instilled in you a love for animals and for all things.. You maynot respect a mobile phone today but you sure will the day you decide it is going to be your lifeline.. Till then I pray you have a blast!

As i see you walk now…towards your dada and momma my joy knows no bounds.. As I spoke on the phone to your mama right now, she said that you have now begun calling out to Da..

My grown up sweetie… may the Lord bless you always… may he forever light your path and may all the gifts of the Holy Spirit be with you all through your life!


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  1. Babes this is soooooo sweet… loved every word of this… I for one would love for it to be publicized. 🙂


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