…and I’m back again!

Yet again.. there is no excuse for me not writing.. I have got loads of time which I spend Facebooking or chatting. Shouldn’t this take precedence over Facebooking? It should but sadly I just don’t get down to it.. Promising myself to make conscious efforts don’t work either… so I’ll just blog whenever I Do.

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed – I am not a great writer, there are times I may jump from one topic to another… But give me a choice between bookmarking a few pages of my life online or on paper and my current fad “Cityville’ , I’d choose writing  with eyes closed.

As a child I kept a diary for years…. until a few circumstances stopped me from doing so! I still remember the diaries. I graduated from notebooks to proper calendar diaries to the ones with locks on them. Sounds corny? Let me tell you it was super exciting at that point in time! From writing about daily life to ending up only writing about eventful days and issues, to finally writing once in a blue moon… was all extremely therapeutic – in fact it still is, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a fondness for words. It’s free and good for your soul:p

It’s more of my kinda thing to unwind and relax..
De-stressing oneself is nearly as important as talking to God. It could be anything, music, laughter, painting your toe nails… Just those few minutes in a day that we give ourselves and make  our own selves our number one priority will help shape us in the long run.


On my part… the television is left far behind! It is either a book or a pen or Planning something- especially a Holiday! – the wonders it does for me:)



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