It is 2012 and I am 29!!

How time flies… I clearly remember birthdays as a child…. the parties that our folks used to throw us.. a kiddie party early evening followed by one for the adults in the family, which went late into the night. And the cakes… from Hansel and Gretel, to dolls, to humpty dumpty- you name it and my brother and I have had most of it…

My 6th birthday – I was down with jaundice and clearly remember not only what I wore, but also being unable to eat my cake after I happily cut it!

A few years later I obviously grew up! My 16th birthday was a horror for my mom- so she says!- but hello- I was almost an adult and hence the current rage- Disco lights were mandatory! according to my old school friend who I must say was also present on my 29th birthday! Mum was smart… 2 separate parties did the trick and feathers remained unruffled… My 19th birthday was the first that saw Mr. R and boy am I glad… He acknowledged the importance I gave birthdays and family and will always try to delight me every birthday…

My 25th birthday was my first birthday after getting married.. Though it was a quiet one.. the presence of my younger brother who came to visit me here in Dubai made it extra special… My 26th birthday was turbulent, with my grandmom who was always by my side from the time of my birth, being seriously ill and in hospital. That 26th birthday I shall never forget and will always hold a special place in my heart. She breathed her last 9 days after my birthday:(.

The following year, I was down in India for her first death anniversary and my 27th birthday. I must say that it was a great birthday cos I had family around. My 28th birthday saw me wake up in Orlando, FL to news of flights to New York being delayed.. but rest assured you can only imagine how amazing the birthday was.. with people who meant the world to me… my immediate family and of course, spending it in two cities!

After my brother’s trip to Dubai in Dec 2011-Jan 2012 and bidding him adeiu 4 days before my birthday, I was morose and all I wanted was to spend time with close friends and my mom n dad…
The surprises started as the clock struck midnight with friends I least expected, turning up with cake at the stroke of midnight and Mr. R getting me a cake which threw me totally offtrack.

Yipee! I now had 2 whole cakes:)

This was the first time in my life that I’ve gone in to work on my birthday and it really wasn’t so bad, given that I walked out after 4 hours, only to reach home and be pleasantly surprised- with my dad waiting for me! A planned quiet dinner turned into a full fledged surprise ’70’s disco theme’ party.. For this I must thank Mr. R and a friend who went through so much trouble to organise it! Boy am I glad! And i wont even start on my cake.. I was adamant upon a cake from a particular store and everyone knows you need a week’s notice to get one made to order! Mr. R’s cake from this store at midnight assured me that I wasn’t going to get one from here at my birthday dinner. Let’s just say my Carolyn Keene skills did not work for once (for those of you who do not know, Carolyn Keene is the author of the famous teenage female detective series “Nancy Drew”), and I got just what I wanted!

The candle is self explanatory! I didn’t even have to ask:)   The message on the cake- I am sometimes lovingly called ‘Tantrum’ by this particular group of friends- Need I say more??

A thought always comes to me- Is it we who should celebrate our birthdays? or the women who carried us in heir wombs for 9 months? Of course we were born on our Birth Day but wasn’t it our mommies who gave birth to us? Who became mothers on our birthdays:)  It is something that will forever touch me. Without you my darling mother, i would never have come into this world and never would’ve had a single birthday. As always, I dedicate each birthday to you and salute you!


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