I’ve been writing about events that are important to me, and realized that I haven’t blogged about Valentine’s Day! For one – is it really important to me??? Is it as big a deal as the card companies make it out to be?  A day to celebrate love should be everyday- not just a day ear marked for love- are we to hate each other for the remainder of the year???

Love is God’s greatest gift.. without love we would not be here…  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son to us… that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life… ” John 3:16. Can it get more beautiful than this?? If God could do that for us…the least we can do is love one another. A smile and a hug to someone we do not know and who may or may not need it, a word of thanks to the woman who may come clean for us, a loving visit to homesless kids… There are so many ways we can spread the love…Anyway, there are loads of wonderful  blogs talking about his love and I recommend reading them to gain insight!Please read ‘beautifulinyou’ on wordpress!

On my part, I remember Valentine’s day 11 years back when we were out to dinner with my folks- Mr. R. called me and wished me! I was barely 18 and we were just friends. Ever since then, there has never been a Valentine’s day which has gone by without him by my side. And now I’m humming “Love Changes Everything” by Sarah Brightman! Am so glad I had it at our wedding:)

Why am I telling you this? Because back in the day, I had a list in my head about the things I wanted in my life partner.  I prayed and got a partner with all those qualities and so much more.. Someone who complements me, who is my best friend and  my soul mate.. Such is the Lord’s love –  Ok, I may not have had to wait on the Lord for long but I can vouch for it.. You want someone- the Lord in his own time, will provide you with an individual who is the best for you.

I am not saying there have not been trials and tears and fights and fears… yes there have.. but through it all… the happiness, the tribulations and the love shines through! With understanding, love, acceptance and most importantly Him… are set for life!


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