mOre cafe

Before you go on to read this post, please note that I may be biased… So if you do not like it, please do not read it!

mOre cafe- a 10 year old Dubai based brand,  by a Dutch individual named Wouter Lap,  first opened in the busy district of Garhoud (which is rnow shut down with a sign saying that it has moved to Festival City), and later at Murooj Rotana and the Gold and Diamond Park, is now synonymous with all my cravings.  A few years ago, Al Tayer took over the franchise and opened the restaurant in various places in Dubai, including the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Festival City and the DIFC.

Walk into one of these restaurants at any time of the day and one realises that it is always busy…

Why am i writing this post?? Well, a friend is on a 4 day trip to Dubai and the first thing I thought was … mOre at the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountains.. Kill two birds with one stone:) Having said that, when we were there, another friend bbmed me and asked if mOre gave me free meals! How I wish!!!!

mOre at the Dubai Mall  is situated  near the entrance to the Burj Khalifa ticketing office. You cannot miss the big Purple signage or the bright restaurant. It has both indoor and outdoor seating- the outdoor seating leads out to the Dubai Fountains. The restaurant is a bustle of activity and you may have to maneuver round tables to get to your seat. The hanging table takes  place of pride in this restaurant! This heavy table hung from the ceiling carries the menus, cutlery, and other bric a bracs.  Another peculiarity (a good one!) of mOre is the long table loaded with newspapers and magazines, where you can come in, sit for however long you want, sip on your coffee, work, as well as read to your heart’s content.

The cutlery is all imported from India, and the menu is a piece of art with dishes from all over the globe, be it the Nasi Goreng, the Fish and Chips, the Chicken Tikka, the Tajine (named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked) or good old soups and salads. A must try is their paella (my personal favourite) as well as their lentil soup with lamb (yea to Indian’s it’s like the ‘dal ghosh’.

Be sure to sit outside-  where you can watch the Dubai Fountains dance to various tunes in the evening, or look up to the shiny Burj Khalifa during the day. Else, get a table right at the glass panel… you’ll end up eating in the comfort of your air conditioner as well as watch noiseless fountains dance in the evenings!

The mOre at the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) is situated in the fashion dome of MOE on the same level as DUCTAC (the 2nd floor). It stays busy in the mornings with women gathering there for their cuppa. Try their tea menu for two which includes but obviously tea, scones, petit fours and such, which is well worth the price.

mOre at the Murooj is picturesque in that you needed to take a golf cart to get to it. Now that the construction is over- you don’t need the cart – but the feel was different! The Gold and Diamond Park is crowded always, but I first tasted their signature ice cream there! Need I say any mOre? It is served at the Atlantis as well as in Emirates Business Class!

DIFC stays busy due to office crowd while the Festival City branch is comparatively less crowded and overlooks business bay. Wanna watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks?? Come here!!

Note: This restaurant loves  food! No alcohol served! But their juices and desserts are to die for! Also won a number of awards!

Also, don’t forget to ask for a mOre loyalty card at the Dubai Mall, MOE, Festival City and DIFC outlets.


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