The Pudding Shop

After the Hagia Sofia, we stopped in at ‘The Pudding Shop’ for a quick brunch. This restaurant, right near the Hippodrome and a stone’s throw away from the Sultanahmet tram station, was famous during the ‘hippy days’! It was opened by a team of brothers, in the 1950’s. It was here that people from Europe,traveling to Asia met up, hitched rides, smoked pot..and the likes!It was originally named ‘Lale Restaurant’, but was lovingly referred to as the “Pudding Shop’, by the Hippies.

View of the Pudding Shop from the Hippodrome!

The restaurant is supposedly ‘world famous’! I wont put it past them, cuz Mr  R knew  about the restaurant, and hence we decided that a pit stop was called for!

The restaurant, at one time, was the only place where touristic information on Turkey, and direct trasportation to Asia were available.  There was a message board which took the place of prominence, where people offered rides or asked for them! Even now, on our visit… the message board was full of messages- one that caught my eye was an old message relating to a tour leaving for Goa, India  – exciting to me.. cuz it was not something just put up to retain its old charm, but real messages:)

It was not warm or a place that I fell for at first instance. Self service…… and was good for a cup of tea. We were however, served at our table…

Tried sipping R’s tea.. and I must admit, it did warm me up.. almost as much as brandy would!

Information and history of the Pudding Shop was on their menu, so I took my time devouring information.

I tried their Turkish rice, and it was pretty good Mr. R stuck to his eggs and meat and I must say it was better than expected..Staff was not over-friendly, and did not hover round us.. which I appreciate. I wish I had thought to click more pictures:(.

All it all, we were too tired and could only think of rushing back to the hotel for a short nap before our Bosphorous cruise.


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