The Bosphorus….

Cruising along the Bosphorus strait is another must do… Most operators charge around EUR 35 per head for a 2 hour cruise. recommended that I take the cruise and sip some Turkish Coffe while cruising along…

It was cold and windy the day we took the cruise (and everyone said it was one of the warmest days of the season.. well at least it didn’t rain). Istanbul is situated over two continents- Asia and Europe, and the famous suspended bridges i(The First and Second Bosphorus Bridges)  connect the two continents by road.

Climbing up on to the deck of the ferry, seemed a good decision one way- but on the return trip it was freezing and we had to rush down into the cozy confines of the boat. I have no idea how a couple next to me managed to drink cold frosty beers, my coffee was a huge relief.

                                                  Wonderfully ‘Blue’

                                                   Asia in the Distance….

                                                 The suspended bridge and Asia…

                                                                    Under the suspended bridge..

                                                 Up close..


                   Wherever you go.. the Flag follows.. Mr. R and the flag.. just before it got chilly

                                                  Asia……..hello home:p

Trivia… while on the cruise, we were told that most of the locals lived on the Asian side, and only came to the European side to work…

                                                 Hues of blue… and white too…

                                   Between Europe and Asia…..not Eurasia though:)

           Aaahhh to live an idyllic life by water and your own boat… Maybe one can feed birds for a living…

Similar forts on both sides… The above in Asia, and the below in Europe… (by now I was too cold to think about taking good pictures!!)


                                                            Sea… Air (bridge) and Land..

All said and done, they were two hours decently spent… It must be noted that you can also try out the ferry on your own for 12 lira apiece. That’s way cheaper than the said 35 euros… but well.. here you get a pick and drop. The rest is all the same!

If you do go to Istanbul, do let me know what you think about the cruise!


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