Almost there!!!!

Great…. I am in the plane almost ready to land in what is called ‘paradise on earth’! I thought I downloaded the WordPress app, however it needs the Internet to log on! So I’m just plain typing, and will put up this post when I get the Internet-which should be sometime in the next two days!

I absolutely do not want to pay for the Internet for the first two days-simply because I will be tempted to work! Blah-like that is going to happen!

All aboard this Etihad airways flight 622 to the Mahe islands- the Seychelles! After making a great many plans, my mum finally agreed to the Seychelles, so here we are on our way…it should be a great respite from the heat of Dubai…supposed to be monsoon and raining too! Yippee it shoul feel like I’m back home! Then again it is Dubai and not Bombay which feels like home.

However, up here at an altitude of thirty thousand feet, and 21 minutes away from Mahe, it looks warm and sunny, though it is minus twenty three degrees outside, given the altitude!

I have no idea why I like traveling Emirates… On board Etihad I realize that the service is much better and they didn’t run out of food! Invariably, each time I fly Emirates, my choice of meal ois always over and I am offered a kids meal-but hello look at me-I’m way overweight-a kid’s meal is not going to fill me up. Moreover there was a time when I flew Emirates twice and there were mosquitoes! Not a good bet for one of the world’s leading airline. Anyway I am not here to indulge in EK bashing… I will still travel Emirates because of terminal 3, less crowd at the airport and efficient self check in! On the other hand I find this Chinese tart on board this flight to be quite a woman with no sense of customer service-haven’t you learnt woman? You gotta be nice to the passengers unless they are unruly, rude or just plain uncouth. On the other hand the Indian stewardess was really nice and polite!

Yippee we have landed! Have clicked a pic from the iPad, one of my first views of the airport! Btw yes, the ground does seem a little damp! More coming up soon- now to disembark in a few minutes- I hope!

(I wrote this post two days ago when on the plane to Seychelles. Just managed to get the time, and strong Internet now).






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