Khorasani – Sultanahmet, Istanbul

This restaurant was highly rated on Tripadvisor, and we decided to save it up for our last night here. It was supposedly our anniversary! The first time R ever told me he loved me! Corny I know, but 11 years ago it was not! Who knew we would be happily married 6 years later:)

Boy! Am I glad- we did not give this restaurant a miss…  We ventured out- albeit later than our reservation (we did have the hotel call the restaurant and postpone the reservation)!

Taking the tram (we thought that this was going to be our last tram ride), we got off at Sultanahmet.

Saw this as we got off the tram..

Just outside the station, tucked into a little lane, you will spot Khorasani. The owner of Khorasani, owns three restaurants on the same street including Khorasani.

The street

I must say it looked small, and when we entered, it did not give us the same feel of Yaka Balik…

Looking in…
The restaurant
The Bar

The staff was okay, some were friendly… but again, you cannot compare them to that of Yaka Balik- it’s different when you have the owner mixing with his patrons and when it is staff. I must note that the manager was informative and spoke business with Mr. R!

The restaurant was not crowded, (we went in at half past 9, and their last order is at 11) just another group of people on the next table, and a group sitting outside with coffee. Oh did I forget to mention? Most restaurants in Turkey offer a shawl when you are seated outdoors- to keep you warm!

Puffed bread served before our meal

I finally tried ‘raki’ (their local spirit) here… and I agree- it is not for the faint hearted. You mix one part of raki with one part of water. It finally becomes milky and that is when you gulp it down!

But I didn’t care for the taste either, and soon switched to my favoured long island, which they served with a sparkler! The drinks were slightly more expensive than Yaka Balik and food cheaper…

Yes.. by now all of you know it’s my favourtet drink!

We ordered the stuffed squid, and I have no words. it was more than delicious.

Stuffed Squid
My meal- ordered with a side of rice but not as interesting as his

For mains Mr. R ordered the mixed grill, and while I kept taunting him on his choice (cuz we do have that in Dubai), it was completely different from that served in Dubai.

Mixed grill

For 125usd odd, it was a great meal!

The food here surpasses any other place we have eaten, and I recommend Khorasani to every person reading this blog!

Not just me, TripAdvisor, Time Out, the Guardian and so many more- recommend it

Please have the stuffed squid, and if you live in Dubai – esp new Dubai– you know what to do… get me some:p:p

(Excerpt taken from my review on Trip Advisor- Just part of it!!).


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