So long Turkey… You will be missed

We trudged back to the hotel and slept till half past one, and then checked out at 2:15 pm. I must say that the Double Tree Hilton was very obliging and willingly gave us a late check out.

We had a quick lunch at the hotel’s restaurant before we headed to the airport.

Meal 1- Chicken Tikka with rice
Meal 2- Bacon wrapped prawns

                       Guess which one is mine?

                       Clue: Why is his meal always better than mine:(:(

We were supposed to meet a friend on his way back to India from Barcelona. However, his dear Turkish Airlines flight was delayed and we never did end up meeting. Everything goes in twos. Missed him by a day in Istanbul and now at the airport. Many thanks to him for the tips he provided for Istanbul. Huggs Riaan! You are missed.

Nero obsession

Mr. R is so obsessed with a few brands . Someone would think he owns them! I remember clicking a picture of Cosi across the road in Newport.. I have no idea how many pictures of Nero we have gathered.

We passed our time sitting in a restaurant, sipping on beer and saying……..

Cheers to a short but wonderful vacation!

Note: Thank  you guys for staying with me and encouraging me to complete my posts on Turkey. Without your encouragement and support, I would never have typed this out! I would have just left it half way!

Stay tuned for more (other countries though).




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