A Seychellois Welcome

Driving past the capital ‘Victoria’, and following our GPS up a hill, we finally reached Beau Vallon, which would be our home for the next two days, before we moved to another hotel. As this was more of a last minute trip, we didn’t get accommodation at a hotel of our choice for the first night. As we were going to be out the whole of the second day, we decided to stay in a decent hotel for the first two nights before we moved on to luxury!

Many of you I know, will never agree with me and my need to live in a very nice hotel. A decent hotel should do- I know,what is the point of throwing money when you can see another country/place saving on staying?  I will learn someday! I need something clean and modern. Prefer if a reputation precedes it. My kind of budget hotel is ‘the Ibis’- it is clean small and very very modern. Anyway getting back to the topic at hand…

We reached the hotel and it was obviously not up to my mark. A full review on Tripadvisor stated that this hotel was good. But no.. not my type:(.

The welcome drinks at the hotel

Having argued with the receptionist and the manager for incorrect disclosure, and finally procuring our rooms, we set out for lunch.What we failed to take notice of , was the fact that restaurants normally closed for lunch post 2 or 3pm latest. It was almost half past 3 when we set out. We found one restaurant called ‘La Fontaine” just outside the Beau Vallon Beach.

Super meal… with the usual fish and chips, fish filet in white sauce for Mr. R and my usual grilled fish! Not to mention the beer..

The restaurant
By far, one of the best fish n chips i’ve ever tasted
Mr R’s lunch
My healthy lunch

With a full stomach, we decided to drive around and have a look at the place. By half past five we were bushed and wanted to sleep.. Oh, and I saw my first rainbow!!

Barclays.Shows you I’m a city person! At a grocery
Beautiful views

Reaching the hotel, we crashed for a good 2.5 hours. The music from the pool woke us up, but we were too lazy to actually head out. Choosing the alternative, we had a couple of beers in the room, after which the hunger bug struck me! Now how was I to know last orders at all restaurants are at half past nine? Coming from a place like Dubai, where last orders are mostly past midnight, and where you can get a meal at any time of the night, it didn’t strike me that this laid-back town would have nothing on offer. We first headed to the hotel’s restaurant which was shut. Talk about horrible coordination- they informed us that we could grab a sandwich at the pool, and the pool bar said that we could grab a bite at the restaurant. We headed out into Beau Vallon only to find out that every restaurant was shut, and wham- the lights went off and the entire area was plunged in darkness…

Realising that we had no option, and a long day ahead the next day, we drove back to the hotel, walked to our room with our cellphones for light and fell into bed feasting on cookies… Diet… what are you? You have officially gone for a toss!


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