Just landed!

11th May 2012.

UP…Up in the air!
One of my favourite shots… as we were about to land

The plane finally came to a halt, and all I saw in front of me was nature, at its glorious best. The airport lay in front of us… a small building that housed immigration, departure, arrival and check in of course! We got off the plane- no buses for us- it was fairly near so we just walked…and walked! Hot and Humid- was how you could describe the weather… Just as we were about to enter the terminal (if you could call it that:p), an Emirates flight landed right in front of arrivals! How unfair… they always get more privileges (let me tell you if i have ever said a bad thing about Emirates- I take it all back. Etihad is much much worse).

The airport

It took us 2 minutes to get through customs, show our hotel details and then get stamped. Oh, their immigration stamp is in the shape of the coco de mer (for those of you who don’t know what it is, I will put up details on it soon). Heading to the duty free, we picked up beer and some spirits, while my parents collected our luggage. Once we were out, we headed for the Avis counter to pick up our car!

A local guy called Alan manned the counter and offered to get us our car. We then realised, we probably needed a bigger car. Someone arranged for a Hyundai Tuscon for us, and all we had to do was wait for the next 15 mins. What better way to kill time than make conversation with Alan. He’s apparently my age, and also mentioned that drinking and driving was no issue at all (I personally do not believe in drinking and driving… oh well- not more than one drink).

Mason’s staff (Mason is a company which arranges tours and day trips in the country) was widely present, and we went up to them to confirm our day trip the following day. However, they were of no , acted plain dumb and asked  us to confirm our booking with their main office. Oh well… no issues!

Yippe our car arrived, we loaded it, and zipped off across the road to fill fuel. Big mistake. We were told not to fill too much fuel, but we are from Dubai- used to filling our tanks up to the brim and we did almost that. Not to mention, the lady managing the petrol pump opposite the airport fleeced us!!

But for now we didn’t care….. our beach vacation had begun!




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