Good Morning Seychelles

Early am… breakfast was a decent spread of bread, butter, jam, fruits and cold cuts. 5:30 am is not a time that I can eat.  At the dot of 6;30 am. the Masons tour bus was at our hotel, ready to pick us up. Driving on to Berjaya and Meredien-Fishermen’s Cove, we then drove to the port at Victoria. 16 people in our bus itself- what a lot of money they must be making- off season and a weekday!

On reaching the ferry at Victoria, we were given our tickets to board the CatCocos, which would get us to the Praslin Island in 2 hours. The entire group was divided into 2. The English Speaking with a guide called Stevens and the French speaking.

Changed trips to Praslin!!!

Having been given our itinerary to Praslin, an immediate 20 mintue boat ride to la Digue take the ox carts to the Vanilla plantations and swim in the sea. 12:15 take the ferry back to Praslin, a creole lunch and then the Coco De Mer plantation followed by the beach.

I had originally planned to do the trip on my own and stay in Praslin for a night or two. And then the discovery of Mason’s on Expedia… changed our minds.. Not much difference, as we were going to change hotels the next day, anyway! Oh I couldn’t wait for that.

The ferry when empty

The ferry ride was ok, and it seemed to be getting full by the minute. It was almost half past seven and the sun was coming up.. I did think of maybe sleeping,, But no.. wait- a group of local guys standing next to me just wouldn’t stop talking.

Some of the people who went ‘yap yap yap’

So I took up my other past time.. People watching. Realised that there were really old couples with young kids.. Why does society keep asking me about kids? Just cuz I am Indian, does not mean that i have to have a kid at 30… Look at everyone all around me… Yipee I can wait!

Somewhere during the ride, I fell asleep only to wake up when we were entering the port in Praslin…

The Ferry- at Praslin

(I wrote most of this out on paper… and have simply transferred it to my blog now).


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