Pictorial Representation of La Digue- Seychelles

On getting off the ferry at Praslin Island (pronounced Pra- lyn, the ‘s’ is silent), we boarded a smaller boat for a 20 minute ride to La Dique. This enchanting island is the third largest island in Seychelles, after Mahe and Praslin respectively, and is one of the most undeveloped and traditional islands in the entire archipelago.

The pretty jetty loomed in the distance
The ferry from praslin to la digue
Private helicopter ride.. anyone?

On getting off at the island, we saw cycles for hire and ox carts too. We were to take the ox carts. Imagine how bad I felt… I’ve seen ox carts in India but never sat on one. Poor tortured ox:( I was more worried than enjoying my ride… On the return journey- I made sure I got into the truck!

The ox cart- 2 wheels only- poor ox

There are no motor vehicles used on this island, except for commercial purposes only.. It’s just 10 sqkm, so it’s easy to cycle- or walk if you please.

La Dique’s first inhabitants were French colonists who arrived with their African slaves. Most of them went back to France, but some people were left and quite a few of today’s inhabitants still carry their names. Later, more French deportees arrived, followed by a large number of liberated slaves and Asian immigrants. In 1854, the first Catholic chapel was built on La Digue by Father Theophile and presently, most inhabitants of the island are of the Catholic faith. (thank you Wiki).

You can walk too!
Football anyone????
The famous Gregories. Provisions for everyone!

We rode the ox cart, right up till the vanilla plantations..

Finally here!

Everyone seemed to be extremely taken up with watching cobra oil (coconut oil) being made.. It sure was a great process, just that I had seen it before… but the explanation offered by Stevens, on the milk of the coconut turning into meat, was nice.

Making oil. The ox is blinded. Poor thing

A short walk later we reached the President’s house. He doesn’t stay here- it used to be his holiday home, and is now a museum.

And then the giant turtle.. now they were fun!.

The island is also known for its rock formations.

The group then started walking towards the beach(Anse Source D’Argent)….. beyond beautiful.. Pictures will tell you stories!

Bird which caught our eye en-route the beach!
Unique hats for sale
My favourite- somebody’s wedding pavilion!
View of the beach
Clear green water!!! the beach
Seems like a necessity! Someday it shall be banned:)

We finally walked back and stopped at the beach bar (though it was at least 500mts from the beach and no water in sight) for a couple of beers before heading to Praslin for lunch! And oh did I forget to mention the ‘sweltering heat’?

Note: All pictures are my very own!



  1. This place is next on my travel list! I didn’t even know where Seychelles was before I ran into your blog! Talk about ignorance :)!


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