Praslin -Seychelles

We reached Praslin in record time. Hunger struck… we headed to the Indian Ocean Lodge in Praslin for an amazing Creole lunch.

Beautiful Praslin… at the Indian Ocean Lodge

After lunch we headed to the world famous Coco De Mer Plantation (vallee de mai). It is 45 acres in size and obviously one cannot see it completely in one day. This was baptised as the Garden of Eden and is famed as the stronghold of the legendary Coco-de-Mer palm, unique to Seychelles. It bears the world’s largest seed, and erotically shaped double nut.

The Vallee De Mai is a protected garden. You have to be ready to walk a decent distance!

And so … you have the male Coco De Mer and the female Coco De Mer- Surprise Surprise!. The male’s pollen is transferred to the female through air and insects, and is extremely easy to spot:

Male look familiar to you??

The females have huge nuts.


This plant takes about 6-7 years to ripen. Yes that is right- I said years! When brown, it falls on the ground and mostly at night (don’t ask me why). There is a lot I can write about this plant, but having you wiki it, if interested is a better option.

Fruit on the ground???

The roots of plants.. growing outside the ground.. Also if you look closely, you will see fallen/dead leaves. These are never cleared as they help prevent soil erosion.

Jackfruit too:)

People were extremely excited seeing the jackfruit- especially a couple from Dubai. Now that worried me- you get jackfruit in most supermarkets, be it Carrefour, Waitrose, Spinneys, Geant or Lulu. Oh and this is one of my favourite fruits. Has to be- it is laden with calories!

After that the beach.. On the way to the beach, we passed the newly opened Raffles… Since they blocked access to the beach, they built a pretty big road to allow for access. Neat I must say… and the beach was as predicted- lovely!

We soon headed for the jetty to take the ferry back to Mahe. Being a Saturday, we were warned that it would be crowded as people were going to Mahe for the weekend. Crowded -Yes! How crowded- is something I just did not expect.. You had to push to get through- like you were in a local train in Bombay, India.

See wherever I may be- I do think of home!



  1. anthea! i’m convinced now that u’d fit in perfectl, in national geography if u start doing documentaries on film. pls take this on a serious note….


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