He painted a picture for me!

Different Shades, Different Views

– Look what the Lord taught me!

On our journey back to Mahe, Mr. R nudged me to look at the sky. Oh what a beautiful sight. All I can say was that the Lord was telling me something.

I have never been a nature lover. Give me buildings and man made comforts any day. But looking at the sky, I realized that this is something man can never do. We as human beings have tried to master every little thing, but this is something we will never be able to even touch. How great he is… I was in awe of mere buildings, but isn’t this just marvelous? Structures can be anywhere- wherever we may go- but this.. this just left me speechless… I will never run down nature in the future or crib about trees, sea, sand and getting dirty. If I do.. please remind me!

Even the pictures don’t do justice.

Teeny breathtaking picture

And now more to follow….

Beautiful I know
And the shade changed
And changed again!


Look harder

The boat was moving too fast and this was only for a span of a minute or two before the sun set.. Please forgive me if they look similar to you.. they are from different angles, different cameras (dad’s and mine), and of course are different in colour!



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