incompetency- thy name is EY

Oh I have no words… I’m glad my previous post did not go through cuz I was just so mad…

We reached the Etihad terminal only to be told that all counters were closed and would only open in ten mins. What airline does that ever???

On reaching the counter we were told ‘oh no- it’s an etihad flight but amman is terminal 1’ hearing this my radar went up- seriously- wat the heck… Pulling our bags- we walked to terminal one, and of course there was no etihad check in counter. On asking the staff, they were confused and asked us to go to terminal 3. Mr. R calmed me down first and refused to budge asking the guy at d counter to check… After 5 minutes he said that yes it would be here but the counter would open in ten mins.

I’m glad we were early. 8am flight-and it was almost a quarter to 6.I thought that everybody would leave the country during the weekend, but it didn’t look like that. Now, at half past 7, the food court is crowded while boarding gates r jam packed. My OCDed self found the washrooms dirty too.

Would this have happened at Dubai airport?? I doubt it.. AuH is the capital of the country…. Claims to be rich too- then do something… Ur airport is way too small-moreover ur staff is incompetent…

Now let’s see how the flight is….
(For those of you who want to ask me why I’m flying EY and frm AUH- simple answer- EY has deals, it’s now cheaper than emirates-except if I wanna go home to Bombay!!!

And now after a wonderful wrapp at Costas we wait at the boarding gate…Mr R happy with his ipad, n I with his blackberry!!

(Think I’m gonna be posting more frequently henceforth)!!


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