Petra and alcohol:)

No one sells alcohol in Petra, unless I go to movenpick or crowne plaza !!! And ourr hotel is showing the match but it’s owned by a muslim and doesn’t serve alcohol. Me- I don’t need alcohol-i just want rice:(:(

I did type out a post in the plane on d ipad-but I haven’t managed to connect to the internet yet. We just took a quick shower on reaching the hotel and headed out. 8 pm and it’s still light-the sun set past 7 and it was a joy to walk down the main street…. But none of the restaurants were servin alcohol and showing the game.

I had read about the cave at the guest house. In faact I wanted to stay at the guest house but couldn’t find any availability -so also movenpick. What nonsense-i know.

So we came here- my long island seems to be only alcohol n no coke- resulting in me being happy high!! Yippe yyayyy!!!

Half time and I’m typing this. Ordered for a mixed grill and my safe bet-fish and chips. Think it should be pretty good:) I probably am going to skip breakfast in the morning and head to Petra by 6 am so that we can be done early- hope we manage that!!!

My eyes are dry-ever since we reached the dead sea. It’s getting a little irritating now:( anyone know what I can do other than splash water????

Oh I love wordpress froom blackberry! I never will get tired of reiterating that-i think!!


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