The Spirit of Jordan!

Though Etihad was so confused about us getting our visa on arrival in Jordan (and they kept us waiting at check in and made us wait while they checked- like I would be stupid enuf not to check visa requirements), getting through immigration was a breeze.

The visa and immigration counters were right next to the normal immigration counters at the Queen Alia International Airport Jordan.

At the AUH airport they told us to make sure we had 1,000 usd each plus return tickets!! Yes that I had read, but no way was I gonna carry that much money! Our hotels are all booked, but of course we carried our vouchers just in case, as friends were asked to produce the same. But the guys at the visa counter n immigration didn’t ask for anything! Just asked if one week’s visa would be enough n stamped our passports. Young and friendly officers. I HEART!!!!

There were remarks on foursquare that the washrooms were horrid. But honestly they were not! If I say they were not-trust me they were good. Abu dhabi was dirty. I like washrooms in muslim countries (those of u who know me will know why).

Baggage screening lines reminded me of Bombay… People had so much luggage. Cartons n suitcases….

We then headed to look for Dollar Rent A Car. They didn’t have their own space, but shared it with Thrifty..

Got our car, set our GPS which was still stuck in Seychelles (I must thank my bro for the christmas gift I cribbed about) and set off toward the Dead Sea.

Our first stop was mount Nebo, then we went down to the dead sea-filled fuel, picked up sandwiches for lunch and are now on our way to the mighty petra!!

Oh yes we just got caught on radar for overspeeding. 20 jds down. But the cops were so friendly. One of them lived in Dubai before. They apologised that they had to fine us but they had caught us on radar… I guess knowing a little Arabic doesn’t hurt!

Such friendly people… Now that’s what I call the ‘Spirit of Jordan’- very different from the Jordanians in Dubai!

(I have typed this out on the blackberry-and cannot attach pictures…. Will obviously detail the sites as always when I’m back-with pics! Am just trying to see if I can blog while on the trip-several times during the day! Wish me luck)!!!


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