Petra baby!!

So… Last night the food at the. Cave bar was nothing worth mentioning. We had a mixed grill (which even by my standards sucked for 12 dinars plus 26 percent tax) and fish n chipps. Pics when I start blogging frm dubai.

We stayed in a small hotel called the Petra moon, which was pretty decent. I wanted movenpick but it was not available for the 15 of june- and I have been checking frm d past 15 days.

I totally recommend living near the entrance to Petra. It makes no sense (even if u have a car), to live away frm the entrance.

We woke up at five, showered and were out by 6am. The hotel wwas nice enough to agree to make us a small breakfast when we returned by 11.

The site opens at. 6, and we were one of the first ones to be there at 15 mins past 6. We literally had the place all to ourselves except for a couplle with a guide. We had to keep waiting for them to get out of the shots but it was worth it.

We went beyond the treasury but not up till the famous monastery. On seeing the tombs, we decided to head back and oh it was a long walk.

If you ever decide to do Petra in a day, be sure to hire a horse or carriage frm the treasury-it gets very tiring. I thought it was just me cuz of my weight, but R was dead beat too. Wwe thought we’d get a carriage after we were out of the siq-but there were none and the 1km log walk in 40 degrees was never ending.

I’m glad we went thr at 6 am cuz while we were heading back-there were tourist groups just entering. How they were going to feel with the hot sun and 40 degrees is anyone’s guess.

After we reached the hotel, we had a breakfast of eggs and juice, headed to our room and slept for 40 mins.

The sleep and a shower after, refreshed us and we were ready to check out and head to Aqaba.

So long Petra- u were great!!!

I uploaded a post I had typed out on the ipad-but sadly think I forgot tags in my hurry to connect to the internet just before we left petra moon.
I am now driving to aqaba (rather Mr.R is and I use drive time to type posts). As we were driving we were surprised to learn that Petra is really a big town.

Sincere apologies for typos in my posts. It’s not very easy to type from the blackberry. It’s not a touch and I have to type with my nails- but I’m loving it!!!

I now have to look out for places to eat at Aqaba and which serve beer at least!!


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