Another Jordanian Morning

I wanted to write out this post when we were driving to Amman and Maadaba, but we decided to take the Desert Highway and drive, since we woke up early and could make good time..(And I was too sleepy).

We checked out before 9 and went hunting for breakfast- didn’t even find anything until we reached the highly recommended ‘Captains Restaurant’ (courtesy Tripadvisor’) bucket of balderash- the cheeseburger was without any cheese-just plain fillet with lettuce n tomato. I had asked fr a chicken escalope-no cheese no mayo and Mr.R a normal cheeseburger. Which part of that didn’t they understand??

We then headed for Madaba via the desert highway. I took 2 short naps for a span of 15-20 mins each-poor R was drivin. There was a car from Saudi right next to us- seems like he was racing against time-He got pulled over for speeding twice. The road was definitely boring- the Dubai-Auh road is wonderful by comparison.

Oh oh oh-yipeeee netherlands just scored their first goal- write more at half time!


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