And an afternoon!

Well I didn’t really manage to write this out during half time, as my battery went off n I took his battery. Got the iPad connected to the Internet though. I guess the Dutch r out now:(

We reached Madaba by one pm and only did the mosaic map at st George’s church, and bought sum fridge magnets. Thereafter we headed to the Holiday Inn Dead Sea, where we will be put up for two nights. It is a huge property n will take me a while to figure out.

On checking in, we put on our shoes and headed to Bethany…the Baptism site of Jesus.It was here that Jesus was baptized by John. Took us about an hour after which we got back to the hotel. The pool right outside our chalet closes at sunset and though the sun was high in the sky at seven they were closing for the day. The good thing is that the main pool is open till eleven. This property has four pools including a huge kiddies pool. I will check for sure tomorrow.nee walked down to the beach but didn’t go into the water-having decided to make use of happy hour instead. Climbed back up to a bar in the hotel, ordered my long island-I’d like to add that long islands in this country suck… Turkish ones were amazing!

Went to the main pool too much of a crowd And once I get into the pool I can’t get out in fifteen mins, and since we wanted to watch the game Mr. R went in alone! After a hot n wonderful shower, We were soon ready to leave for the bar… Everything is closed now, we have had our drinks while watching the game (and I’ve multitasked by typing!!!), and now I’m hungry and the kitchen is closed. I fail to understand why bars n restaurants close so early…aren’t they supposed to stay open so I can eat????

And ronaldo scores another one……


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