A Few Facts about the Seychelles

  • It is pronounced Say-Shells by some.
  • 80 percent of the local population cannot swim.
  • Corruption is widely prevalent.
  • There are no private beaches. Everyone is allowed on all beaches and if hotels come up on a beach, they have to ensure that the public has access to the beach. If not, they have to build access to the beach.
  • The people in Mahe especially store owners are not friendly
  • There are 80 thousand people in Seychelles (excluding tourists), out of which 39 thousand are foreigners.
  • Fishing is the 2nd largest occupation. They have the Biggest Tuna Factory  in t the Indian Ocean and Africa.
  • There are 100,000 offshore companies.. Now that is an interesting bit of information.. esp for me at work! Cayman and BVI move over!
  • Education is free! Children in La Digue and Praslin are sent to the mainland(Victoria) to study and everything from hostel accommodation to food is free.
  • Since Seychelles is 4 degrees from the equator, there are no cyclones/volcanoes or wild animals for that matter!
  • 65% of Mahe is protected.
  • In Praslin and La Digue trees are only trimmed not cut. It is protected and one requires special permission to chop trees.
  • In 2010-2011 there were 110,000 tourists. 2012 targets 200 thousand tourists
  • They want to introduce VAT in addition to the 16% tax that they already have.
  • It was the last land mass to be broken from India and is drifting down.



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