Luxurious Seychelles

Day 3 dawned and boy was I glad to be off to Constance Ephelia…  I looked forward to two days of pampering! we drove through Beau Vallon and headed to  the other side of the island, mainly inhabited by the French. Somehow, it felt like a long drive- uphill and downhill.

What a difference from our previous hotel! We were warmly welcomed, and shown to our rooms in no time. We had two junior suites, right next to each other, on the ground floor. Please make sure that you request for rooms on the ground floor, as you can directly exit your room and go to the beach and the pool.

Pictures of the rooms at the Constance Ephelia Resort…….

Cookies to welcome us!
Mum’s bed!


My parent’s bathroom
and you have Apple TV’s too


I have a fetish for glass walls!! <3<3<3


Sadly I didn’t have pics of the products.. but this is the shower…
Our bed.. We messed up our room and I then remembered that I had to click pictures…
view from the bath area.. I love open baths!
Love the separate sinks… and the touch of hibiscus..
Sitting area.. we actually worked:(
touch of hibiscus!!
Room Art









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