Never too tired to eat!

(Seychelles day 2)

The day trip ended with us being dropped at our hotel around 20:00.
After last night’s fiasco, I knew I had to get out early and eat. Giving myself 20 minutes to shower and get ready, we decided to head to the restaurant right across the road, La Perle Noire.

A quaint restaurant with fabulous food, we went there without a reservation and were warmly welcomed. It looked like an old house converted into a hotel. Tripadvisor rated it as one of the best restaurants (and lonely planet did too).

Note the roof!

Service was what I would say- slow. As our table was not ready (there was an empty table, she just had to set it), we were asked to wait at the bar for ‘FIVE’ minutes. the five turned out to be more than fifteen.

The Bar

Oh and there was no one at the bar to serve us. This place was seriously understaffed. 3 people out front including the manager/owner, while patrons kept coming in. I mean if you are doing so well, it’s not going to hurt your charm to hire one person to help out or man the bar, on a part time basis.

Food was great but a little too high priced.

The Baked fillet of snapper in wine was 195  SCR, the fillet perle noire was 195 SCR, 2 bacardis with coke and 2 really small beers- our total bill was 816 SCR .. which is around 57USD (n not a very high end restaurant either). If you thought Dubai was expensive, well then.. Welcome to Seychelles!

We then walked back to our hotel for some live music, soothed ourselves and then went to our room to retire for the night.. I should maybe put up a picture of the room too..

The hotel pool by night!


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