Sometimes when you are down n out… when you are low… all you need is meet your gang of friends, and have a few great laughs cuz everyone is such a sport……. along with a few drinks of course!


But that is how I felt today.. not how I felt a week and a half ago..


This is what happened when I started my car… It just died on me………. and I was already late for office! Thankfully, I had my father in law’s car parked in my building and I used that..  Conflicting opinions is what I got- some friends said it was the battery, while others said it couldn’t be the battery no way!

Hello Ford!

Finally, Mr. R. instructed me to call Ford, have the car towed, and repaired..if required. Pat on my back…. it is a small thing, but I now realise how dependent I have become in the last 5 years. I have had Mr. R pamper me, love me and protect me from everything. Having to fend for myself, including figuring out where to move, and moving alone is exciting to almost 30 year old me! 26 year olds feel this way- not an almost 30 year old woman!

It was the battery.. my poor darling car.. and may I add, Ford in the UAE is sometimes so inept at having the work history, that they didn’t figure out that I had replaced my battery 2 years ago. Fortunately I was skyping with Mr. R who told me to tell them to check again and reminded me that it was in the summer of 2010, that saw our battery being replaced. Sure enough, the service advisor finally found it… and informed me that my warranty had expired by  7 days! Livid me, didn’t know what to do, but Hurrah! I managed to get it for free.

At this time, I wondered…… are friends always there when you wanna have fun but not when you need them? I called some who didnt pick up, some who helped me over the phone and some like dear darling Ms. M, who not only took me house hunting after my car was towed, but also dropped me to ford though she had an important dinner to go to.
This made me realise how valuable some friends are, and moving form this apartment complex I know that she is irreplacable and I will never find anyone like her… Am so grateful for the handful of true friends, her bein gone of the most important!


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