Oh how I love airports, and people watching… I’m waiting to pick up R’s mum from the airport, and it’s been 20 mins, but I refuse to park- it’s just mmu luck that each time I park, and walk- the person’s almost out and I feel bad..

Anyway I’m fed up now.. Am parked and double indicating- touch wood- the cops I think are off today-else I’d have hell to pay….

Just witnessed a guy drive up in a car to probably pick up his bro n family…. Weirdly- his bro and wife got into the car, and when they opened the trunk- it was full with a baby seat and strollers.

I’m bored, though my mum is with mee. 45 mins now. Thank goodness for blackberry!

Oopps cops just honked and cleared everyone off… Thank heaven no fines….

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