I started off writing  a travel blog, but now, almost a year later, I’m wondering whether I should just stick to blogging about travel or type out anything that comes to mind, keeping in mind that my travel days are probably at a standstill- with Mr. R gone and me having to look for a job:(

I can’t think of life without travel….but.. Oh well one baby step at a time… I have to move to a smaller apartment, get rid of my bar and an extra bed, a few cupboards and I’m all set. So what’s the problem you ask?? The problem is I am a hoarder- I find it very difficult to get rid of stuff, especially when I know I won’t get to see it again. I almost cried when Mr. R sold his coupe… that car has seen us through our registered marriage, our wedding, and the past 4.5 years too. I still remember seeing it for the first time…and now it is gone!

Pic taken way back in 2007
Pic taken way back in 2007

So also the bar. I bought it for Mr. R for his 28th birthday.. and man we have had good times…



No honestly- I am a hoarder…. I haven’t even whiffed most of it- let alone taste…

A month back a couple came, saw it and wanted to buy it… luckily for me, they wanted it the day before R was leaving, and so I obviously couldn’t do that, given that we were running around with last minute stuff. And yesterday……a couple dropped by to see it.. I have mixed emotions about my stuff… Will I or won’t I be able to let go… (and this holds true with relationships too)..That’s what remains to be seen……..


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