My year with ‘WordPress’

I still remember, sitting in the same chair and at the same desk.. making the conscious decision to type out my thoughts and start a blog. This was not an easy decision for someone who always said she did not ever want a blog.

Just the same… albeit messier than it was a year ago

I can’t believe how soon the year has flown by… So many ups and downs, laughter and tears, have all been recorded on this blog.. And of course- so many places.. It has been a good year, with travel right from Kenya, to Jordan, Seychelles, Bombay-India and of course Turkey. Now of course- travel is at a standstill!
I still haven’t got down to recording everything that I do, or my daily life.. but bits and pieces yes!
I sure have come a long way. Having started this blog, only as a personal record of my travels, I soon discovered that it was a joy for other people to read and for me to interact with them. Having said that, let me tell you, I never had tags and no random person could actually read my blog, unless they had my address.

But then I soon discovered the world of ‘tags’ and ‘topics’ and hurray, I’ve met most of you through that.  My post shave been intermittent. There have been months I haven’t blogged. A month or two where I have been depressed, have bloated even more thanks to being an emotional eater- where I haven’t blogged.

Here’s to another conscious decision. So what if I’m upset, so what if I am eating.. .I need to record it. Writing makes me feel better. It’s my therapy. And this year, my resolution is that I write more.. I write about things that matter as well as those that don’t matter. It doesn’t matter w hat I write- but I will write.

And I of course, have been more regular of late, in light of the above resolution.

And I only have you to thank…. I sincerely have to extend my gratefulness to each one of you, you who have been faithfully reading my blogs, sending me emails, and comments. It means a lot to me.  Many thanks for encouraging me.

Please don’t stop. Love you guys!

(As always.. I wrote it out at work, and am uploading it from home).



  1. Nice post! I am coming up to my 1 year ‘bloghiversario’ in April. Like you, at first I thought I was just doing this for myself and I didn’t care if anyone read my posts or not. Then I started receiving a lot of feedback and now I feel I need to share my posts, photos etc. What a turnaround. Next weekend i’ll attempt an instagram account! Ciao, Cristina


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