Dubai and its traffic, crowds, and crazy roads…

Phew what a day… My topic says it all..

I have driven more than 300 kms today.. all in one city, and going round and round, or being stuck in traffic. Less said the better…

First I went to work and back, and then took mum shopping for odds n ends as she is leaving tomorrow. For those of you who do not know, the ‘KitKat’ you get here (yes I am a sinner- am talking about the chocolate), is way better than any other place in the WORLD. It is different, and anyone can make out the difference.

Anyway leaving aside my favourite topic-‘food’, we then headed to church, since I wanted to pay a visit. Alas, we got stuck in traffic on the main road in Dubai ‘Sheikh Zayed Road’ all cuz we had to take an exit, and people didn’t stick to their lanes.. What?? Seems like people are learning from the Indians and the Egyptians… After fighting traffic for a good 45 mins (it usually takes me 6-7 minutes to reach church from the hyper market), we finally reached.

I then had to head to one of the most crowded areas in the city ‘Bur Dubai’ to send Mr. R his suit. A friend from India is on a short visit to Dubai, and is then heading to NY..and willingly offered to carry it.. The things I do for love!

Oh well.. let me start by saying I get lost in heavily populated areas, and this was no different. I had no idea where ‘the royal ascot hotel apartments’ was, and landed up at the hotel instead. After numerous wrong turns and driving through narrow one way streets which I had never seen before, I finally reached the hotel again, only to be directed to the apartments which was 3 signals and a few right turns away..

Wasted a good 1.5 hours from the time I left church till I finally met him..

I am irritated, cribby and have no energy.. but guess what?? I am working, and waiting for an email.. and so I decided to write a post until I receive the email!

And then I’ll be off to bed. Mum leaves tomorrow:( I of course am sad:( but she really needs a break. It is too hot here.. Been this way for months, no wonder Mr. R is happy with the rian in NYC. what after the 45-49 degree Celsius weather here in Dubai, anyone would be…

Here is to a good night’s sleep and hopefully a few dreams about good weather!!


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