Dreaming of you………

Tomorrow will be a week since my Mum left – I know she will be back in a month or two…

Thanks to her, I really haven’t missed Mr. R. But suddenly, the bug hit me just now…

Etihad has come out with cheap airfares (if you call AED 4840) cheap to NYC… All I want to do is book a flight and fly away to NYC.
2 weeks more and then we discontinue our services.. I really do not know what we are going to do, clients still send us work… Oh if only I’d get another job- they (the clients) would be fine, I would be fine………and I could fly off to Mr. R for a week……….

No, don’t tell me to freelance, the Clients are too big to want to opt for a freelancer… or maybe just maybe I should think about writing full time… Either way… all I can see now is Etihad’s September offer to fly!!!


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