Initiating Dissolution

Am I going to feel like my heart is  being torn out? We have 2 more weeks……..

I’ve spent some of the best years of my career with this firm. 4.3 years, out of the 6 after being enrolled to the bar/qualifying, is no joke. I’ve worked elsewhere before, interned too, but this is the place where I was mentored. Where I learned so much of the law, the place which imbibed in me the love for drafting, which boosted my self confidence, which made me and other individuals and corporates alike- realize that I am real good at my work…

And last but not the least…. the joy of finally not having to work with one particular community………:) I am the only Indian in this office and it is a good feeling. I am not saying I don’t love my country, or its people… I am just saying that Indians are way too smart, and will take any opportunity presented to them, to make use of you!  Having said that, I have had a few decent experiences… but oh well……… I have finally come to terms that Egyptians maybe are better colleagues than Indians…

I just drafted the Board Resolution to initiate the liquidation, and my heart breaks…….. Oh Shalakany Law Office, I will miss you…not just me but I’m sure Lex Mundi will too.. May your future in Egypt always  be bright and shining and may you prosper in every matter and project you undertake… As for the Dubai office…………. sob sob


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