Twilight and me????????????????

A couple of years ago, my cousins from Toronto went down to India.. I went down to, and met them for a couple of days… Why am I telling you this? Cuz we spent most of our time at the bookstore, with the girls going crazy with the twilight series and the fact that it cost them a quarter of what it would in Canada.

That was the first I ever heard of the series, and could never figure out what the series was about… I obviously did not care to read the book jackets or even find out… The hype the movies created was enough to put me off..

And then 2 weeks ago, I went to spend the night with a friend.. We started off watching the Golden Girls, but somehow I was so tired after the day’s work (yeh yeh i talk like i’m working a physical job), and a few drinks that I dozed off… and that’s when my friend Ms. P introduced me to Twilight…

I didn’t know I would fall in love with the Cullens and with Emma….. that Jacob was someone I would come to love… But we sat up watching part I and II and a bit of III right up until past 3 in the morning, without giving a thought to me having to work the next day…..

The less said the better……. I had better start reading the books. Books are always better than movies- aren’t they?  (Oh and just so you know I haven’t finished watching the entire series yet- although I have downloaded it… If it was a book- it would have been over long since:p. But I’m still shocked…….. very shocked………… that I feel in love with ‘Twilight’.



  1. I was shocked as well, as 2 years ago in Christmas I read the whole saga in three days – I even haven’t watched the Christmas movies! And then once more … just skipping the parts I liked less 🙂


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