My first paycheck here……..

Yipee I just got my first pay check at the new job! It is not much but it is something better than nothing… And the Partner here- she is a gem! Touch wood- having said this, I really do not want to jinx it..

My previous boss was my mentor, I learned from him and his years of extensive experience. This place here feels like home. The people are lovely, it’s like one big family.. Yes we have our fights.. but it’s amazing how everything is quickly forgotten though (family is the key)!

Can I compare it to my old workplace? Well no- I just prefer to separate the two- as different as chalk and cheese… All I know is that I need to get my medical insurance done else I will be in trouble!

And why have I not been writing?  Oh well no excuses….. I just haven’t  had the time.. I logged in today cuz I was missing my impromptu getaways, and wanted to read up on my Kenyan and Turkish trips… and voila I’m now in a sombre mood- We have the Eid al Adha holidays and for the first time ever, I am not making use of it… So here’s to a relaxing weekend, hopefully with a lot of writing thrown in!

Have a great one! And thank you for the likes, follows and the messages. Trust me each one is precious!


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