The Long is forever Short…..

Oh yes….. the four day long weekend seems to have just flown past… In another 10 hours I will be at my desk in office, catching up of having relaxed last week… which just goes to say- I should get to bed early and write later!

I honestly thought I’d be bored to death this weekend- simply cuz this is one of the few times that I have stayed in the country during the long weekend.. I usually travel someplace……..but honest to God it was not too bad even though R was not around..

Wednesday night, I checked my bank balance only for realisation to hit me- and boy did it hit me hard- I spent more than what a lot of people I know earn- in one month. And that too I do not know where.. With that in mind- Might I add- I did not go out partying, clubbing or even for dinners. Wednesday was great- threw a surprise birthday party for a school friend- and succeeded in surprising her for the first time. We did try throwing her a surprise baby shower- we actually almost managed- but the detective that she is- she realised something was amiss when the key did not turn the mandatory number of times in the lock! Well anyway.. this time although I was car-less, we went picked up my car from the service station, went for a Christmas sale ( I only bought ONE bauble), went to my place- (I dilly dallied and took ages to get dressed) and finally reached her place where everyone awaited her arrival! And yes it paid off- she was surprised! Having said that we were real tired and went to bed early…. To top it off I dozed off on the couch for a few minutes!

The rest of the weekend continued with going to sales, picking up bargains for Mr. R (Somehow I only shop for him), spending a little time with a long lost friend, keeping a commitment and going to a friend’s place for a rosary, spending time with R’s mom, shopping, cooking after ages, and most importantly working and blogging and getting my car tires changed all by myself (One BIG job done… when I say myself- I mean taking it to Bridgestone by myself- R did all that and more in the past:p I didn’t have to worry about a thing!)- even if it was just one post. Oh and how can I forget- doing my medicals… my insurance officially expires in a few days and I haven’t got one from my new company….YET!

I wish the weekend was more relaxing………..something has been playing on my mind… I am toying with the idea of writing it out- but my ego doesn’t allow me to.. maybe a password protected post…… I know I need to write it out so as to be able to be a duck- and let it just slide past.. but I probably am not that way- I think, I feel… I care!! I just wish I could Hate too…

Anyway let me not get morose.. Thank you for putting up with me- my rambling and for reading through till here. If you have reached here- then I must say I love you and I am grateful for your presence on my blog and in my life….

love always

…………Oh.. and please excuse the typos- I’m struggling to keep my eyes open!


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