Sandy I already dislike you…….

While all of the US is hyped up and awaiting dear Sandy….. Cubans suffer after she left her mark on their lives…

And what is happening in New York? My dear Mr. R and my brother decided to stock up on essentials… and what did they forget? Candles.. Finally foraging into the cold winds and heading to stores and malls- they realised that candles were all sold out.. I then asked Mr. R to check for scented candles- I mean bath n body works cannot have its candles sold out- can it? He tells me- no nothing is available not even at the mall or at stores…. Flashlights are sold out too…..Why do I find that difficult to believe? I don’t think he even checked Macy’s or JC Penny or home stores..

It’s apparently windy now- and the boys live on the 36th floor. With a power outage I’m sure they will not even venture 10 floors below to a friend’s place. Having said that, R’s sis is traveling with her infant to Canada in a few days- I wonder if she will be able to. Toronto is apparently very cold and it’s almost as if Sandy plans on visiting Toronto too- I hope not!

I follow Corrine’s blog and read that she’s stuck in Detroit- Hello Delta- you never fail to disappoint.. But if the situation is so scary, and Mayor Bloomberg has already promised a power outage- boys can’t  you think?… You need me (your wife and sister around to tell you what to do?? Something should have rubbed off on you after being with me for so many years… go find candles, or oil lamps or alternatively go to the Indian store and get lamps for Diwali and cotton and use them!

Find something like these….

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