Never failing November Rain!

Every year (at least for the past 3 years) it has never failed to rain in the United Arab Emirates…and always in November… Yeah it may rain in other months- or maybe may not- but in November it always does.

Talk about Global Warming!!! This year I wondered how I never got to actually see or feel the rain, and lo and behold on it didn’t just rain…. it poured on Friday the 30th- the last day of the year… and it was crazy.. I woke up at half past 8 and left to go to the other end of the city… little did I know it was going to rain… what started out as a drizzle turned into a full fledged downpour and just wouldn’t stop……

For those of you who do not know, the Middle East- rather the UAE and specifically Dubai, is not ready to deal with rains (that’s cuz it is a desert). There are no drains, gutters or pipes…….so if it rains the only option is that our dear friend the ‘Sun’ comes dries it up… My wipers were working overtime, the friend I dropped off was soaked to his skin and I was terrified that someone would ram into me on the motorway…

Having said that, I fail to understand why motorists put on their hazard lights when it’s raining.. one day they will be fined. Haven’t we all heard in class before we got our license.. just put on the car or the fog lights not the darn hazard lights…….

The fearless city still went on about it’s usual Friday.. (Note that Friday is the weekend here in the UAE!). Here are a few pics.. I was too busy driving to click them, but I’ve flicked them off my friends’ facebook walls! And guys if your pic is in here- you are the owner of the pic not me!ImageAnd the care can barely move……… sinking are we???


Traffic at a standstill on a Friday??? Impossible- but yes…….. it’s the rain creating havoc!


Another rainy pic… rather a flooded street pic- Scary to me!

Is this really Dubai??


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