Mum’s birthday around Seychelles!

We may have gone to bed real late, but the thought of a bright new day and mommie’s birthday got us out of bed early am. After a scrumptious breakfast, Mr. R drove us down to Mahe where we met Stevens out guide from the other day.

Mr. R had arranged with Stevens to take us on a private tour of a few islands along with getting some snorkeling done.. On my part- I am not a huge fan of water bodies, after I fell off a ferry in the Andamans and Nicobar islands as a kid. Getting into a small boat itself, is unpleasant for me- and for once- the weight has nothing to do with it..


We set sail from a tiny jetty and a tiny boat and the above was one of the first things we came across- a US Navy ship.. This country really has its’ eye on the entire world…….

We then headed out into open waters, where we came across loads of fish… On introducing a teeny bit of bread, schools of fish flocked towards us……


I couldn’t quite get a great picture, but this kind of does justice… Stevens then just plucked one up, out of the water…… and I went ‘Put it back…..put it back in puhleez’… He never did want it anyway….and always meant to put it back……. but you know me..


After a bit of snorkeling, we headed to the ‘Cerf’ island- a tiny island, 15 minutes away from Mahe and only 1.27 sq km- even I can walk that distance! It is located in the marine park and has a small local population of around 100, and centered in one bay on the south side of the island, who commute to Mahé for their daily business.

We got off the boat and had seaweed tangled around our feet. Taking off our shoes, we trundled up slightly hilly terrain to see a tortoise- and his brother and sister!


A local Seychellois (and I think a drunk), living on the island had a small shack and prepared lunch for us and a few other guests-was nothing great and I could cook up a feast comparatively… I’m not a tuna fan, so oh well! But they were oh so warm and such lovely people!

We then set off, went on to another island, idled on the beach and Mr. R wanted to snorkel again- cuz the first time round the camera wouldn’t switch on. Unfortunately since we had just eaten, snorkeling was out of the question:(.

An hour later we were pulling in to Mahe… After bidding goodbye to Stevens, we set off toward the marketplace, as I wanted to buy knick-knacks.. My parents were fed up of me by then- but really… I couldn’t come back to Dubai empty handed! I do not know how I managed to roam the streets for so long, especially after the fight for a parking space… thank goodness we traded the car we first booked, for a 4WD or their Kian equivalent of one!

And then for the long drive,, where we stopped to take in the breathtaking view.. What you see in the picture is man made…


On driving back to Constance I saw a tiny store selling stuff and vowed to go back. After dropping my parents at the hotel, we did just that, and to our surprise not only was stuff cheaper, better quality, but the woman manning the store was delightful, unlike the proud and money hungry Seychellois in stores in Mahe.

Dinner was the buffet at the hotel. My parents were too tired to partake of it, and Mr. R and I went. We met an Indian steward who was very sweet and offered to make us something to take to our rooms…..which we declined. Oh and he did mention that Dubai pay is peanuts as compared to Seychelles… Now makes me think I should maybe look to open a firm there- given the quantum of offshore work…

All in all a beautiful day……..and  birthday well spent!

(So many months for this post..uffff)



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