Car troubles:(

As always……. I get hyper each time anything happens to the car…..and I feel the world is out to cheat me……… and yesterday was no better.

I was entering the basement of my building when my car hit the curb….I didn’t even realise anything happened until my display showed ‘tire pressure low’ and then I panicked….. silently thought about cursing Mr. R for not being there…….. and then gave in…… There’s a tire shop nearby and the guy decided he would charge me 100 aed to just change my tire.. I mean I could’ve done it myself but I couldn’t care less… but then……. he kept staring at my car- muttered something about it being a big car…. and then proceeded to try to change the tire.. And he didn’t know how to use the jack.scared the daylights out of me…..

Anyway he managed it and fit in the spare- and I went in to bridgestone and got a new tire this afternoon. Added to that, I had issues with my rear left light too- got the bulb changed- and my car is good to go..

My only issue is- I have managed to scratch my car in the last 5 months, it is also a mess inside- I have everything in the trunk from a beach chair to a pillow to clothes……. and Mr. R keeps saying ‘hope my baby(the car) is ok and please take care of my baby’ lol! that aint happening, and I hope he doesn’t read this post- All I know is that I have a week and 1 day to get sorted before I leave for India.yipe I haven’t been on a plane since June!……and then Mr. R is gonna be here so I have to get it washed, cleaned etc. Gonna be a busy busy weekend!



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