Another airport rant

Here I am again…sitting at noodle house charging my blackberry with my ipad in front of me… My air India flight was supposed to take off at two fifteen and has been postponed to four forty five pm… Without any intimation…no SMS no call…

India’s national carrier sucks big time. Had I not thought of calling to confirm.. I never would’ve known. Mr R has taken off on his emirates flight which was right on time… Poor thing has to go to a new house all by himself…but maybe he will come pick me up…

As of now I sit here waiting…. People watching… Looking at people passing by, and empty chairs in front of me…. I just hope my flight takes off on time and I dont have to spend mid night in the air… Oh and the guy talkin in front of me… I’m not interested in the fact that he is from iit Delhi or the advice heirs givin his wife….

And surprise surprise… Mumbai airport is playing Christmas music… How nice 🙂



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